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LabTestsPortal.com is a service provider that delivers secure and confidential laboratory testing to the consumer market directly without having to spend precious time waiting to see a primary care physician. LTP provides a Personal Heath Record portal where consumers are able to track their lab testing results as well as store vital healthcare documents and information. LTP is a necessary tool for all consumers to better manage their health through monitoring and education. The Personal HealthCare revolution is in its early stages and LTP is a bold and fresh part of this new and innovative methodology of personal healthcare. We are dedicated in providing the most comprehensive customer service with an affordable and secure product offering.
Our Services
LabTestsPortal has partnered with the "A National Laboratory Service Provider". The customer will print out a LTP laboratory requisition and bring this to the draw site and the order will be processed and the blood or urine sample will be collected. Results usually will take between 24-48 hours to be posted in the patient’s personal health record portal which LTP provides. An email will be sent to the customer as soon as the results are received from the testing laboratory. The LTP testing services is a cash and carry scenario where the consumer will pay for the laboratory services out of pocket without involving insurance providers.
LabTestsPortal firmly advocates consumers taking more time to invest in managing their own health. The laboratory testing services provided by LTP promotes self wellness health management, disease prevention and early detection of health issues. The laboratory testing services on labtestsportal.com or “LTP” is for informational purposes. It is not the intention of LTP to provide specific medical advice or treatment strategies. The lab services which LTP provides enable consumers to get a better understanding of their health information. LTP does not provide any specific medical recommendations or treatment advice. We encourage all consumers to share their health information with their primary physician who is licensed to advise patients on healthcare treatment options.
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