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Know Your Cholesterol
Would it not be useful if you could know what your cholesterol levels are? Some people have responded "yes" and gone on to actually get tested. Most of the people just think about it briefly, and then never do anything about it. Most consumers believe that it might require a great deal of work, making them lose interest in the whole process. Others just see it as much too low of a priority to be seriously worth bothering with. You can get tested now without any doctors visit needed.
There are four good reasons to know your cholesterol. To start with, your coronary heart wellness relies upon on the volume of LDL cholesterol identified in your body. You must consider that Cardiovascular Disease is the number one killer of Americans over the age of sixty. Additionally, we should not forget that your heart is the central essential organ that you have. There's nothing more important than the health of your heart.
Second, the availability of cholesterol levels testing is now available and easy to get to. Direct to Consumer Lab testing has made it available to get tested. You can purchase your testing online and than go to a lab draw center to get your blood drawn. One of the benefits of that is the key to this idea is that everyone now has the ability to monitor their cholesterol levels with no more excuses.
Third, the health of your arterial walls is essential. The arterial walls in your body can become coated with Cholesterol which becomes oxidized and decreases the size of your artery walls. That decreases the arterial wall which increases the pressure of your blood and this is the number one reason for high blood pressure.
Fourth, in the US consumers have become trained to enjoy their foods more when butter is applied to their meal. This may be true so we need to monitor our cholesterol levels even more so which will help us maintain our butter consumption. It may be a simple concept but this can be easily overlooked.
We recommend that you check your cholesterol levels at least twice a year. It’s very important to get fasting cholesterol performed. This means to refrain from eating for a minimum of 8 hours to your blood draw. Foods high in fat content can affect your cholesterol levels which will not give you a true result. We also recommend that you get the lipid profile performed which includes the total cholesterol. The lipid profile includes the total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, VLDL and triglycerides.