Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is the accuracy of my test results?
The results are accurate and all testing is performed by a fully accredited, CLIA compliant, CAP certified medical diagnostic laboratory.
What is the confidentiality of my results?
We are HIPPA compliant. We maintain strict confidentiality with regards to your personal health information including your lab results.
Can I get a refund for tests ordered?
An 80% refund is permitted as long as you have not submitted your specimen to the collection center. Please contact us for a refund via our support email or by phone.
Are there special instructions to prepare for my lab test?
Once we have processed your order, special instructions will be emailed to you if there are specific requirements needed. The majority of our testing does not require special instructions.
Current medication’s that I may be on?
Always continue to take your current medication. Your medication will not interfere in any of the lab testing that we offer.
How do I find a collection center near me?
Click on the lab locations link to determine the collection center nearest to you.
Do I need an appointment?
An appointment is not necessary but can be set up. After locating your draw center, please call the center if you would like an appointment.
Can I file an insurance claim for the lab testing?
Many insurance carriers may reimburse you for the lab testing based on Health Wellness testing. Please contact your insurance provider to determine if you are eligible for reimbursement.
When will I get my test result information?
It usually will take between 24-48 hours to receive you laboratory results.
Can my doctor view my results directly
You most certainly can present these results to your physician to review the results with you.
Why are these tests useful?
A regular physical examination helps to determine your level of health that a doctor can physically observe. Laboratory testing provides additional information about your health that cannot be measured by a doctor’s visit. 70% of the clinically relevant data used to asses your overall health is attributed to the clinical lab testing performed.
How will I receive the results of my test?
You will receive an email from notifying you that your results have been delivered. You would go to and login to your account to review your results and print them to paper if necessary.