Personal Health Record (FAQ)
Why use PHR? Your Health information as well as your blood work test history may be disorganized and scattered between multiple providers, pharmacies and health insurance providers. By keeping a complete and organized copy of your healthcare records means you control of your health and longevity. Testing blood for routine analysis and tracking the blood work test results empowers consumers to better manage their health.
Using a PHR provides easy accessibility to critical information such as blood work test information, hereditary illnesses, status of current medications, up to date insurance information, contact management of your various health care providers such as your dentist, ophthalmologist, primary doctor, gynecologist, or the various specialist you see. With LTP, testing blood for personal health management is not all you get.
Your Personal Health Information
  • In a natural disaster such as floods, fires or hurricanes, your PHR could be a matter of life and death. Your blood work test information is critical.
  • Easy accessibility to blood work test info is important if you are traveling.
  • Keep up to date records of medical conditions, testing blood results and insurance information.
  • Safe, secure and your own personal health management tool.
  • You have the choice on whether you share your PHR with your various providers.
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