Sexually Transmitted Disease Tests

STDs are known to be infections that can get transferred from one person to another by sexual interaction. These interactions include intercourse, anal intercourse, skin-to-skin and oral genital contact, exchange of saliva, and the use of various sex toys like used vibrators etc. These diseases generally tend to affect genital areas of men and women that include primarily the penis or vagina.

Certain examples of STDs are:
As we get a better understanding it’s important to know certain key facts about various STDs. Sexually transmitted diseases can affect women and men of any backgrounds or economic levels. Recent research tells us that of late these are most commonly discovered amongst people within a younger age group 16 to 25 years of age. This statistic is not a good thing for any country’s’ future.
The number of affected STD patients keeps rising. Sexually active individuals today stand a higher chance to have multiple sex partners with their “happening” lives as well as party scenes putting them at a higher risk for various STDs. The scary most part is that the majority of STDs don’t come with any symptoms. An individual who is eventually infected may not even get to know that he or she is inflicted by the STD and thus unknowingly pass the infection to another sex partner.
STDs are known to cause various dramatic health issues in women, such as death from a tubal pregnancy or cancer of the cervix. It can spread from an expecting mother to her unborn child and cause terrible problems at times even death.
All this makes early diagnoses and treatment very important. Various secually transmitted diseases are known to be cured with timely and correct medical help. Certain STDs occurring out of viruses, like herpes, HIV or genital warts, unfortunately are un-curable, however with medical advancements treatments are available to lessen or avoid complications and increase life expectancy. A lot of times we as individuals are very scared for getting HIV as well as many other types of tests done. Some desire an OTC or in home STD because they want their sexual life to remain private. Fear of humiliation and getting judged sometimes stops people from taking the important step of having the appropriate tests performed by a qualified professional. This in-turn becomes a big issue for timely detection. There are many hospitals and clinics that offer this facility to people. These can be availed at low cost, at times even free of charge from certain health centers. There is nothing more personal than your sexual health and most people who operate these centers are well calibrated on that.
There are centers that will draw specimens for a variety of tests near your home. People in the waiting area will not know why you are there, so there is nothing to stress about. Further more there are provisions where hospitals and centers respect your privacy and won’t let your STD bill appear in the subject line of an email or on your credit card statements, unless you want them to be.
In a lot of centers STD lab tests and their results will not appear on your primary medical records without your explicit permission. They are also very particular to not sell or rent your personal data. HIPPA protects your health care information from being shared to any other organizations requesting this information. The credit card information safe also makes an attempt to never store anything besides the last four digits of your card. Many centers also offer same day testing.
Look for the best center depending on the nearness and your convenience where the process is very confidential, simple and affordable for you. Do not fear embarrassments, just a quick stop at a nearby testing location can make the uneasy subject of STD testing slightly easier!