Testosterone Levels Tests

Testosterone is a vital hormone that is not only important to men but just as important to women. The words vitality and youth are sometime attributed to testosterone. It is true that testosterone is connected to feeling younger, stronger and more viral. Testosterone is a major building block in muscle mass in both men and women.  As we get older, the production of this vital hormone unfortunately decreases.
There are physical and physiological characteristics that have a direct connection with testosterone. Physically we are connected to body hair growth, muscle mass distribution, breast tissue distribution, as well as ones bone mass. With regards to the physiological we are looking at ones sex drive, concentration levels, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and lack of drive. Through testosterone testing, one can determine if they are deficient and can apply a strategy to improving their levels. There are several prescribed drugs that can increase testosterone levels. If you option for this remedy, consulting a doctor is requires. If you want to naturally improve or increase your levels, there are several things one can do. 
Increase healthy types of fats in your diet. Make sure the fats have “momo” or “poly” in them. Try and remove soy products from your diet. It’s a wise tail that soy can increase testosterone levels. Studies show that soy products may cause a decrease in testosterone levels.  Try and increase The amount of sleep you get is very important. This allows your body to sustain a recovery mode much longer which is when testosterone is working at its best. Try and decrease your alcohol consumption. The direct damage to the liver can cause a decrease in testosterone production.  Decrease your levels of stress. The hormone that is primarily responsible for stress is cortisol. By keeping your stress levels minimized, your release of cortisol is minimized which can be directly connected to lowering testosterone levels.  Last but not least is exercise. When you incorporate cardiovascular and resistant training into your exercise regime, you are providing an even balance of exercise which is optimal for maintaining testosterone levels. The goal is to focus on multiple muscle groups which allows for testosterone to do it’s magical work on supplying those newly generated muscle fibers with the right amount of testosterone.
Even though testosterone has been known to be a male dominate hormone, it’s very important to note that women require this hormone as well. Lean muscle mass does not discriminate between men and women. To develop and maintain lean muscle, testosterone is the necessary building block.  Getting tested for testosterone does not have to be a complicated issue any longer. With direct to consumer testing, you can purchase testosterone testing without the need of a doctor’s visit and receive your results in two to three days. It’s very convenient safe and reliable.